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A Huge Opportunity in the
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Dear Author,

If you do not yet know me, my name is Bill Platt.

After years of dabbling, I started making money as a writer in 2001. Then at the beginning of 2005, I turned in notice to my employer that I would be leaving. Since March of 2005, I have earned my living exclusively as a result of my writing endeavors.

My specialty is providing training and services aimed at helping book authors and writers in general:


This website came to be after one of my associates discovered amazing opportunities for those involved in creating and publishing Coloring Books for Adults.

My associate was having health problems, so I bought out his interest in the "Coloring Books for Adults" training product.

This is not R-rated material. We are not talking about that kind of "adult content".

Instead, we are talking about coloring book designs that are more complex than what you would hand to a child to color.

Many of my customers have used this training to create their own Coloring Books for Adults, and those who have taken action are already seeing actual sales as a result of their efforts.

In the future, I will be producing more training guides for folks working in this sub-genre, but for now, there is only the one product:

  1. Coloring Books for Adults - An introduction to this sub-genre, and how to quickly start producing adult coloring books using free or paid software options.

Click the link above to see why there is so much excitement about this sub-genre in book publishing.



P.S. If you have any questions about this program, drop me a note
at “support ~at~ thephantomwriters.com”. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Ponca City, Oklahoma USA

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