Puzzle Books Have a Greater Profit Potential
Simply Because They Are a Consumable Product
When People Have Finished a Puzzle Book
They Cannot Read It or Do It Again...
Instead, They Will Need To Buy Another Book

Dear Book Author,

Chances are good that if you are reading this page, then you already know the value and profit-potential of publishing puzzle books.

But if you have spent any time at all considering the puzzle publishing genre, you may have also come away from your initial research aggravated or frustrated about how much time and labor is involved in using the available free and paid software tools used for creating Sudoku puzzles.

Publishing Sudoku Puzzle Books

Typically, you will need to spend 3-10 minutes creating and prepping a single Sudoku puzzle for publication.

First, we need to use a Sudoku creation software tool and save the image to our hard drive. Then, we need to load the image into an image editing software, to make sure the image is in the right format for our book. In order to prepare our book manuscript, we will need to spend several minutes with each Puzzle and Solution image, before we can even start putting our book together.

After doing my first puzzle book, I knew that there had to be a better way.

It is not that spending a few hours is too long to spend preparing a single book for publication... It is just that more of us would prefer to streamline the Sudoku Puzzle Book publication process down to just a few minutes if possible...

We would like to spend less time with the puzzle creation process and more time actually publishing books.

There Had To Be a Better Solution

I am pretty skilled with various software programs, so I didn't have much problem using existing software tools to publish Sudoku puzzle books.

However, my Virtual Assistant found the available software difficult and time consuming.

I knew that if I could streamline the process, then I could allow my VA to produce books more quickly and I could save a lot of money in labor costs... So, I hired a programmer... :)

It did not take a long time to develop, but it wasn't cheap either. I spent just over $10,000 developing my software.

I figured it was still a good investment, because I would make up the extra costs involved with creating the software within just a few months, just by saving money in "labor costs" for my VA.

And, I was right.

My Win Is Your Win...
Now, You Can Buy Packages of
Done-For-You Sudoku Puzzles

Our software automatically:

My virtual assistant will package the puzzle images you purchase from us:

To Help You Out Further,
We Will Additionally Provide...

Sudoku Samples

Here are two sample Sudoku's created by our software -- one Easy and one Hard...

Our Service Guarantee

Because this is a service, NO REFUNDS will be granted after the Sudoku Puzzle images download URL has been emailed to you.

We will only grant refunds on services purchased, if after seven (7) days, we have not yet completed the promised service.

If You Need To Contact Our Support Team, You Can Do So Here: support [at] thephantomwriters.com

We will always respond within 72 hours! (Usually within hours!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pages do I need to include in a book?

A: Typically, you need 28 pages minimum in a print book.

Someone was confused how to make a book with ten to twenty puzzles. Ideally, you would use 20 puzzles or more per book, but it can be done with 10 puzzles if you stretch the images to big print. Here is how:

As you can see, it is possible to make a Sudoku book with just ten (10) images, although I strongly recommend using a minimum of twenty (20) puzzles in each book.

Q: You are charging more for images than what I can sell a single book. No one is going to pay more than ten dollars for a book. How will I be able to profit from this offer?

A: I am recommending that you use these puzzles to make a book that you will self-publish through KDP Paperback to be sold on Amazon.

Hopefully, you will be able to sell dozens or hundreds of copies of your books per month through Amazon.

Q: How can you be sure that I won't get the same puzzles as other buyers?

A: The number of potential Sudoku puzzles has been calculated at more than 6.6 sextillion, so the likelihood of someone getting the same puzzle configuration you have is pretty darn slim.

The number of valid Sudoku solution grids for the standard 9x9 grid was calculated by Bertram Felgenhauer and Frazer Jarvis in 2005 to be 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960.

Done-For-You Sudoku
Puzzle Package Options

$0.20 each
DFY Sudoku Puzzles 100-Count

$0.17 each
DFY Sudoku Puzzles 300-Count

$0.15 each
DFY Sudoku Puzzles 1,000-Count

$0.10 each
DFY Sudoku Puzzles 5,000-Count



Bill Platt

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