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In each of our PLR Pattern packages, we have 100 patterns that you can use to blend into your primary coloring designs.

Each of the images within the packages are saved as a 300-DPI PNG, measuring 7" by 9.3".

Here Is An Example Of What You Can Do With PLR Images...
Our PLR Patterns Image Sets
Buy All 5 PLR Pattern Image Sets

PLR Patterns Image Set #1

PLR Patterns Image Set #2

PLR Patterns Image Set #3

PLR Patterns Image Set #4

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Buy All 5 PLR Pattern Image Sets
If You Need Training...

If you need training to learn how you can use PLR images in the context of your coloring book designs, check out our inexpensive training on using the free software "Paint Dot Net", to put together your coloring book images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What rights do I receive with these designs?

A: You can use these illustrations in any commercial project, provided you make alterations to the image before you redistribute the image.

You Cannot sell any of the images in this package "As Is" or "Unchanged" to consumers, other coloring book authors, or to anyone who sells coloring designs in any format to consumers.

So long as you change the design in some manner, by blending it with other designs, adding it to another illustration, or adding other design elements to our original illustrations, then you are free to use the illustrations within your commercial projects -- books, coloring pages, coloring memberships, etc.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

A: We are not providing any refunds on this offer.

Since you are able to see all of the images included within these packages, prior to making your purchase, then there should be no reason that you would need a refund.

Immediately after you have made your purchases, you will be given a URL where you can download the Zip files containing all of the images in the packages you purchased.

If there are any problems with the download files, please contact us at our support email address (, and we will provide you an alternative method to retrieve your purchases.

Please allow us up to 72 hours to respond, as we do also have lives outside the internet.

Please also be advised that we answer 90% of all emails within just a few hours.

If you need to contact our support team for any issue regarding your purchase, please tell us the Paypal Email Address you used to make your purchase.

The #1 issue that slows us down on support issues (besides being away from the computer) is not being able to find the email address used to contact us connected to any specific purchases.


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