Do I Really Need To Use Photoshop
To Create Coloring Book Images?
Definitely Not... "Paint Dot Net" Works
Perfectly For This, and It Is Totally FREE

There is no need to panic about needing to have any paid software packages to create your coloring book designs or coloring books.

You won't need to pay for any kind of software package to create coloring books for adults.

Open Office is free, and it is the original "free alternative" to Microsoft Office.

Libre Office is another branch of the Open Office software suite. It my preferred application for compiling book manuscripts, and it is also free.

For image editing, there is Gimp, but I am not a big fan.

Most of the image editing training videos I have produced use Adobe Photoshop as my teaching tool, but I have always recommended Paint Dot Net as a "FREE alternative" to Photoshop that operates in a manner very similar to Photoshop.

Trial and error is fine if you like to learn that way.

But having someone show you exactly what to do is priceless.

To help you get up to speed really quickly, Nathan Segal and I have put together some really cool training for using "Paint Dot Net" to work with Coloring Book images...

TIP: When we want to select more than one area using the Magic Wand in Adobe Photoshop, we hold down the Shift-key as we click each new area we want to include in our selection.

The same process inside of Paint Dot Net requires for us to hold down the Control-key as we click each new area.
Did I Mention That Paint Dot Net Is FREE?

I got together with Nathan Segal, and we learned what everyone needs to know about using Paint Dot Net to be able to create coloring book designs, by mixing and matching different images into a single coloring book design.

Nathan uncovered some really cool things that I didn't even know was possible. He demonstrates some very cool things you can do with "Effects", which is called "Filters" in Photoshop.

And I was able to figure out how to build new images really quickly.

Although Paint Dot Net has a lot fewer features than Photoshop, I have to say that I like how the Paint Dot Net programmers re-imagined how to do some of the things that Photoshop does.

When I shot my video in the training package, I was stacking designs on top of each other in interesting ways, and I found that I could move through that process more quickly using Paint Dot Net than I ever could using Photoshop.

I was seriously impressed with how quickly I could fly through certain processes in Paint Dot Net.

If you would like to learn about how to use Paint Dot Net to create some really new and exciting designs for your coloring books, then please consider this really inexpensive training package.

What You Will Find Inside

Within our "Paint Dot Net" training, you will find two (2) PDF's with loads of screen shots and three (3) videos with a total running time of 40 minutes.

The two PDF's mirror what you will learn in the first two videos in the package, for those of you who prefer reading or refreshing your memory from text rather than video.

After you go through the training in this package, you will be able to work Paint Dot Net like a champ within an hour.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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