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Has Now Been Archived & Replaced

The "Coloring Books for Adults" training had to be archived, because two of the three recommended software packages are no longer available to the general public.

As a result, I have created new training that teaches a new and far-better method for creating "coloring books for adults".

The new training is called "Coloring Designs Factory". CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE...

The New Phenomenon Taking the
Amazon Marketplace By Storm!
This is just awesome.. If you are interested in this GO BUY IT. There is money to be made and lots of it. I love it...

This is the greatest training product ever...

--- Neil Groom
I did my own research after getting a copy of this product and this is a real live thing and the product is just what you need to get going...

--- username: daftdog
I have to say I have had more fun working with the programs mentioned in this product than I have had in anything I have worked on lately. Also I have done my own research into the niche on Amazon. One of the things to consider is that unlike a lot of books, these are basically consumables, so the people who love to color are always looking for new ones.

What I most appreciate about Bill and Allessandro, is they have made every effort to protect those who use their product from getting in trouble with artists, As a writer and a graphics artist, I make sure I have the rights to any image I use for business purposes, It is critical you keep track of that so you do not end up in hot water.

Also, my primary area of expertise is in mindset and personal development, These books are great stress relievers, for a lot of people, I am a big believer in finding ways to reduce stress, I have a really good friend who does coloring and is always looking for new material.

This is a no brainer, and you definitely should buy this product.

--- Rachel Marie Newport
Red HOT Profits With Coloring Books For Adults?

Okay, I would have NEVER guessed what the hottest trend on Amazon is...

Coloring Books -- for Adults (don't worry, it's not what you think)...

...and sales this year are VERTICAL... straight up... with no slowing down in sight...

The media and big brands like Disney are abuzz with this...

...and now you easily create these sales monsters... no "X rating" needed...

And not only are there no "X" ratings needed (or anything close)... you also don't need to be able to draw, write, outsource or pay money to create these...

...in fact, with Bill and Alessandro show you how to create these coloring books with only a few mouse clicks...

Imagine having published the perfect coloring book on the first try... and having done it in less than 3 hours...

A marketing trend this hot, you'll definitely want to grab this and get in on the groundfloor...

Mike Lantz
Deal of the Day -- July 30, 2015

P.S. Seriously, there is simply no easier or faster way to create a book... you can be a published author of a hot selling coloring book with these tactics...

...and have it complete in just 3 hours of work...


Click Here to Check Out
"Coloring Designs Factory"

P.P.P.S. Please, if anyone at all has a problem with the
download, please send me an email, and I will get you sorted

as soon as I see your email. (support ~at~ thephantomwriters.com)


More Product Reviews...
Just figured I'd jump in and provide some info here...

CreateSpace doesn't keep an 'inventory'. It's POD, or Print-On-Demand. Basically, Amazon (which owns CreateSpace) stores the PDF file that you upload...and when someone buys the book on Amazon...it is printed by the fancy machine they have to print books.

It prints the book, prints the cover, puts it together, and then binds it....then Amazon packs it and ships it to your customer. No inventory needed.

CreateSpace handles everything. They have a very simple setup that guides you thru the process. There isn't much to it really. You upload your PDF, make sure it meets requirements, upload your cover...and then CreateSpace reviews it.

--- Ed Lewis
Just read the training document and was psyched the training includes specific recommendations to useful tools, a step-by-step easy to follow approach and even how to add your adult coloring books onto the sales platform. The document alone is a end to end solution without any key elements held back. A good product which, if you take action, will give a return on your investment rapidly. Great product. Thanks.

--- username: mrmarketer1
I've been watching for this to go live. Truth be told, I care nothing about it as a business, but my wife loves these books and has lots of her friends coloring now. I thought it might be fun to learn to make a book for her.

--- username: umc
Just purchased this and its super simple and concise. I didnt go for the webinar, although it sounds useful, $97 was a bit over my budget. Really well laid out and I can't wait to get started. Thanks guys!

--- username: maleguy
Bill and Alessandro:

Just purchased, and most impressed.

Happy to support the both of you, after the Cranky Competitor's senseless and inappropriate bullying of Alessandro's original offer in the previous thread-offering. What a great team the two of you have made, turning a negative situation, into such a bright one for all.

This offer includes: a 58 page PDF, a 6 page list of 88 royalty free image sites, an introductory webinar, and the 5 page exclusive interview with Ms. McArdle - a nice amount of information for the price asked.

I even purchased the upsell/OTO -- because although many OTO's are really not adequate or enticing, this one sounds outstanding and priceless ! I whole-heartedly agree with Bill.

What a class-act Alessandro is, to offer his help to all who purchase this additional training thru the series of 3 live webinars.

This OTO appears to be an excellent value - not just one skimpy bonus webinar - but a detailed series of 3 webinars scheduled. And even downloadable afterwards from what I am told; a huge blessing to the many of us who live in areas with spotty internet service. Some marketers don't take this into consideration, and you pay for a bonus that has a "time-limit", that you never technically "receive", which isn't really fair.

The 3 scheduled webinars appear that they'll be covering a variety of needed and more detailed training on this topic, plus Alessandro's stellar offer to further help all who may need it, getting their books going. This type of offer is seldom seen, but so valued and appreciated.

I'd highly suggest anyone to consider the OTO, it's one of the more generous and honest ones I've seen in awhile ! You can't go wrong.

And I'm happy to support Alessandro on this additional training, after what he has been put through the past 48 hours !

To summarize, this training is reasonably priced at the base price, so no one gets "left out" as most folks did with over-priced training at $200+, and even with the OTO, is a great value as well, at HALF the price. No one is price gouging here, so everyone has a chance to learn and participate.

This training appears to have huge possibilities, so it's with much gratitude and credit to Bill and Alessandro, for pulling this together.

Thanks for an outstanding offer guys -- you pulled it off !

--- username: SouthernSunshine
These days, I rarely have time to review products, but this one is an exception for many reasons.

I bought this WSO when Alessandro first created it, and I've seen the updated version since Bill stepped in and kept this useful and helpful product available.

This is a good product at a good price if you're interested in creating coloring books for adults.

Those who know me offline -- or who've been long-term, online friends -- know that, first and foremost, I'm an artist. Though I love to paint landscapes (my oil paints and portable easel are just a few feet away as I'm writing this), my main & leading area of art expertise is paper and mixed media arts.

For over a decade, I've taught art workshops to many of the same people who are buying coloring books, now.

So, coloring books aren't entirely new to me, and I know the field fairly well. Nobody invented coloring books for adults, they just sort of evolved.

Likewise, nobody can claim they understand the entire coloring book market (it's huge) and no two people will explain coloring books (concepts, creation, or marketing) the same way. Really, that's just not possible.

The best coloring book insights come from coloring those books yourself, first.

Once you get what coloring books are about, everything else is just technical details.

- You can draw the coloring pages by hand, scan them, and publish them. If you're already an artist, that's a great option. My portable scanner has become my new best friend. (It's a Doxie Go, and I highly recommend it for this kind of work.)

- You can use software -- including the software mentioned in this WSO -- and turn out coloring book pages at a fairly good pace. Some of those pages will be far better (and appealing to the buying audience) than others. You really do need to know what you're looking at when you create these pages.

Frankly, the technical side of creating coloring books is fairly "lite" compared with the importance of coloring in these kinds of books, yourself.

So, you don't need a massive course that costs three figures, to see whether coloring books are a good addition to your indie publishing business.

A product like this one is ideal, and the price is in the right range to get you started.

Yes, I did buy one of the costly courses, just to see what was in it. In it, I saw some different software and lots of technique demos -- some well-suited to the coloring book niche, and others not so useful -- but really... (it's worth repeating) the best place to start is by coloring books you've bought, so you understand why people are buying books in this niche.

Then, you'll want to create a few of your own coloring books to see if this is a business model that works for you. You may have a knack for it, or you may not.

You don't need to spend hours learning to do this. Not when you're getting started, anyway. The software described in this WSO makes it push-button simple to produce artwork.

Once you see what works for you -- and whether the coloring book audience is eager for your coloring books -- you'll easily find other kinds of software to make book production easy. It's not complicated. The field is broad, and you'll have a lot of excellent choices.

This product gives you the foundation. It's what you'll need to make a decision about this book niche.

Like most book categories and solid business models, this isn't going to be super-easy or a perfect match for everyone. In fact, a lot of people just don't get why coloring books are so addictive. (If you're baffled by the stampede to coloring books for adults, this book niche isn't a match for you.)

My best suggestions:

1) Buy a coloring book (designed for adults, not a children's coloring book) and some markers and see if you love coloring books. In my opinion, that's essential.

2) Get this product to learn how to build the same kinds of books, publish them, and market them. It will get you started in the right direction, with the least confusion and expense.

I recommend this product for two reasons.

First, it's a good foundation if you're considering creating coloring books.

And second -- equally important, in my opinion -- Bill did the right thing by saving this WSO when Alessandro (a very sincere, honest, and nice guy) was placed in a difficult position and had to make some fast, equally difficult choices.

This is a good product on a timely topic, and it's a good price if you want to test the coloring book marketplace to see if it's a match for your skills, interests, and resources.

--- Eibhlin Morey MacIntosh
I had absolutely NO IDEA this niche even existed, lol.

This just goes to show you there are still plenty of gold nuggets out there that just need to be discovered.

You definitely discovered one here Bill!

My wife loves coloring (more than me) ...lol.

And she just walked in the door - I can't wait to share this with her.

Thanks Bill for a great product!

I bought it and I loved it.

Super step by step and easy to get started.

--- Simple Spencer
OMG Bill!

My head just exploded and I'm searching for papertowels to clean it up right now.

My only problem right now is to squeeze some time into my schedule to do what I'm thinking of doing with this.

And what a great way to become a published author without even writing more than (taking a guess) a thousand words total!

Holy cr@p!

Not spilling it here - only going to say I will have more than one volume!

--- Jill Carpenter
Ok folks,

Just had a a brief chat on the phone with Bill, and I have to tell you - there are a lot of creative things you can do with this idea/method. I thought I had something (and I do) but was pointed out to some other angles that my exploded brain hadn't collected yet.

The simplicity is down right ridiculous.

Even if you choose to just use the "simple designs," there are a lot of ways to work this into your current sales funnels if you are focused in online or offline marketing.

I am very excited personally about exploring this further - and see no reason why everyone who gets this couldn't pop out something in a relatively short amount of time.

What was pointed out to me was that saturation really isn't an issue.

When I was a kid, I'd do one coloring book and then was onto the next. People will want MORE things to color if they have truly found this to relax them.

I don't think I need to spell it out - only to say there are niches/topics one could specialize in to stand apart from the rest.

Too many angles to work this.

Thank you Bill for making sure this information got out for others to learn from and use.

I need to go adjust my calendar schedule now cause I want to pop one of these puppies out in the next few weeks.

--- Jill Carpenter
Wow, what timing.

I was designing some colouring books for a UK client who runs a pub.

His adult customers come into his restaurant with their children and where they really enjoy colouring them in.

I created the books by taking photographs of his pub, the inside and outside grounds.

I then put the images into a free software pack where they were converted to 'sketch' drawings ... effectively leaving the outlines in place with plenty to colour in on each image.

BUT, I found that the ADULTS were doing more colouring in than their children, especially on the more complex images.

This got me thinking that it would be good to title the books for children AND adults ... I'd already sent out an email to the pub's email subscribers saying that the books were 'For Children of All Ages' which was a joking way of suggesting that mum and dad could do them, too.

The following week, your book was recommended to me by UK marketer, Martin Avis. What an amazing coincidence.

As I say, nice timing, thanks.

--- username: localagent




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